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2 months ago @ 4:57PM

Executive Order 176 and Kenowa Hills Athetics

Monday, September 7, 2020


Good Evening,


On Thursday, the Governor issued Executive Order 176 which allows for gyms to open and our athletic teams the opportunity to compete.  The MHSAA followed up on this order by reinstating football games beginning on September 17/18.  The MHSAA also stated that volleyball can begin competing on Wednesday, Sept. 9 and soccer competitions could begin immediately.  Listed below are some of the key changes/points of both organizations.


  1. All athletes must wear facemasks while competing in all games/contests.

  2. Social distancing must be followed at all times.


  1. Each athlete is allowed two tickets per game.  More information is to come on how we will distribute them to athletes/families.  We cannot cut corners on this.  The maximum number of attendees both inside/outside is either 100 people including teams, officials, coaches, workers, etc., or all of those people plus two parents per athlete, per team.

  2. We are going to attempt to live stream as many games as possible.  We did it a little bit last year with ice hockey.  We have a plan and will get you information as we move forward.  

Attending Competitions:

  1. The two guests per player can only attend the event their child is competing in. Once that contest is finished, all of those spectators are asked to leave the competitive arena.

  2. We haven’t been given any guidance when it comes to band, cheer, or dance.  Right now, they cannot attend/perform until we are given the okay.

  3. Fans must adhere to wearing facemasks and social distancing guidelines.

  4. Tailgating will not be allowed at football games.


  1. No concessions are allowed at indoor competitions.

  2. Athletic Boosters are working with the Health Department to see what can be offered at outdoor events.

Spring sports

  1. Teams may still practice 16 times.  

  2. Fall athletes are asked not to practice with spring sports but to focus on their fall teams.

  3. In order to practice, athletes must have physical on file dated on or after April 15, 2019. You will have to be cleared by the athletic department prior to practicing.


Things continue to evolve. I will keep you posted on updates as I receive them.  If you have any questions, please contact the athletic office. 



Charlie O’Dell

Director of Athletics

Kenowa Hills High School

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